pycc package


pycc.enum module

Enum implementation.

class pycc.enum.Enum(names)

Bases: object

An object which acts like an Enum.

Each enum attribute has a unique object value which makes it possible to use the ‘is’ operator for comparisons.

class pycc.enum.EnumValue(name)

Bases: object

An object which represents a value in an Enum.

pycc.pycompat module

Compatibility helpers for Py2 and Py3.

class pycc.pycompat.VERSION

Bases: object

Stand in for sys.version_info.

The values from sys only have named parameters starting in PY27. This allows us to use named parameters for all versions of Python.

major = 2
micro = 6
minor = 7
releaselevel = 'final'
serial = 0

Module contents

A Python optimizing compiler and AST toolkit.